May 9th 2016

Secure Private Cloud


  • - Unlike many cloud providers, you have exclusive use of the hardware on which your data resides.
  • - Cloud solutions can be fully tailored to your needs.
  • - We can provide diverse network, geographic location and hardware.
  • - 24/7/365 Support available. Simply raise a ticket or pick up the phone to our UK based support.
  • - The support operative you speak to will have direct access to the hardware, in the same building.
  • - Unlike many others, we will allow you physical access to your cloud hardware.
  • - Fully managed service available with regular backups, security updates and more.
  • - Flexible bandwidth, commit to 10mbit/100mbit on a rolling monthly basis.
  • - Bandwidth & utilisation monitoring as standard.
  • - Ddos protection by request (1100Gbit inbound filtering capacity).

Our Cloud control panel allows you access to:

  • - Forward & Reverse DNS.
  • - Existing and additional IP addresses.
  • - Hardware RAID monitoring.
  • - Cloud snapshots and backups.
  • - KVM access to the raw metal.

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