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A simple definition of colocation (or colo) is a business data solution that involves putting the important elements and hardware of a business IT infrastructure into a single, secure data centre, like ours. Server Colocation Hosting essentially means that the important data on the servers is securely located in a centre that is off-site. Because of this, Colocation has many advantages over hosting your servers in your own building.

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Data Centres

Cheltenham Data Centre.

Our cheltenham Data is conveniently located for those looking for a data centre in Bristol, a data centre in Birmingham, a data centre in Cardiff, data centre in Herefordshire or the surrounding area.

London Data Centre.

Our London data centre in a prime location in the heart of London, just a few yards from Borough tube station (Northern Line), close to The Shard and a short walk from London Bridge Railway station. This facility is also in an ideal location for those looking for a Southbank data centre


Dedicated Servers

A Safehosts dedicated server has the power and flexibility your company needs. All of our dedicated servers solutions are designed to meet both your technical requirements and your business objectives. Whether you need an entry level dedicated server or the highest specification dedicated servers we can help.

Virtual Private Servers VPS

For our Safehosts Virtual Private Servers we first use a powerful server and then divide it into into smaller servers, known as virtual servers. Each VPS runs it's own private operating system giving you complete control of your server and the hardware's resources, but at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server.

We have experience in VPS servers for Minecraft

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Safehosts Limited is based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and central London from where it is building a business offering a core range of information technology services to both IT specialist clients, and the wider SME market in it's high spec uk data centres.

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